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Lowes.com/Survey: Are you a customer of Lowe’s? If your answer is yes, you can have the golden opportunity to grab a $500 Gift Card Voucher.

Lowe’s is running an online Guest Satisfaction Survey at their website Www.Lowes.Com/Survey. Participating customers can win attractive gifts and a $500 gift card. Sounds interesting, right? Make sure to read the article to know how to enter this lucky draw and claim the prize.

Important Note: Some studies claim that 57% of the Lowe’s customers don’t use all the benefits of Lowe’s online Survey. Don’t be one of them, read carefully below to know everything about the Lowe Survey.


Why Www.Lowes.Com/Survey?

Lowe’s company collects feedback from customers to improve their services. Whether it is negative feedback or a positive one, you can share it with confidence on Lowe’s Survey website. To make it a win-win situation, Lowe’s runs a monthly lucky draw for the customers who participated in survey.

The only response to conducting these surveys is to gather information about customer requirements, complaints, and feedback, which help the company to polish its products and services. The idea is to detect the loopholes and eliminate them through both the positive and negative reviews of the customers.

So, if you are a Lowe’s customer curious about how to participate in Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey and earn a $500 Gift Card voucher, here is a complete A to Z guide. Make sure you don’t skip any points, or you may miss out on the rewards.

How to take part in this www.Lowes.com/Survey?

Steps to Do Lowe’s Survey

Here is the simple step-by-step guide to participate in the Lowes customer feedback survey:

  • Visit the official webpage of Lowe’s Store Survey at www.lowes.com/survey.
  • Next, choose your language from the Spanish or English option. 
  • Next, enter your Lowe’s buy-in receipt number (12-digit I.D. number). 
  • Enter the hours and minutes you visited the store and hit the “NEXT” button. 
  • Now, the steps get more accessible. You will have to rate the services offered by Lowe’s during your most recent visit. 
  • Start submitting the ratings for the services and be honest with the ratings. The company doesn’t pressure the customers to give suitable ratings. 
  • You can choose from the options – highly satisfied or highly dissatisfied. 
  • After you have rated all the services and answered all questions, you will be in a lucky draw.

You must enter some of your personal details (Note: The personal information shared is highly secured with the company). You must enter correct personal information required to participate in the Lowe’s survey sweepstakes program. Hit the submit button to send your review and hope to get your hands on $500 Lowe’s Gift Card.

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Why Should You Take Lowe’s Survey?

  • If you take part in the customer satisfaction survey, it’s a win-win situation for both the company and you. Here is why you should not miss this chance – 
  • Entering the lucky draw, you can get the exclusive chance to win a $500 Gift Card Voucher. 
  • You can also win $500 as a reward for participating in the survey.
  • You can claim various gifts and coupons.
  • You can help the company get your valuable feedback, which will help it grow and improve its services. 
Survey NameWww.Lowes.Com/Survey
SponsorLowe’s Companies, Inc.
CountryUnited States of America
Age Limit18+
Validity7 Days
Rewards:$500 for Five Winners
Sweepstakes FrequencyMonthly

Www.Lowes.Com/Survey Benefits and Rewards 

Participating in the Lowe’s Survey helps you claim not one but tons of benefits and gifts. Here are some – 

  • Taking part in the survey, you get the exclusive opportunity to win a $500 gift card voucher, redeemable on purchasing all products at Lowe’s stores. 
  • Five lucky participants will get the chance to grab a $300 cheque every month. 

Terms & Conditions of Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Though the survey and the lucky draw are open to all Lowe’s customers, you must follow a few terms and conditions. Here are all of them:

  • It would be best if you had a slip of your recent payment. The slip will have a survey code, which you will need to enter the Customer Satisfaction survey. 
  • You must know the date and time of your most recent visit to the Lowe’s store. 
  • You must be honest with all your answers regarding the company and its services. 

You can also send your details, like name, mobile number, and more, to the company’s website, which will help Lowe’s keep you updated with the latest offers and services. 

Lowe’s Survey Winners in 2023

Month / YearNameCityState
April 2023Ruth D.AttleboroMA
April 2023Elaine P.ShreveportLA
April 2023Robin J.CincinnatiOH
April 2023Paul R.SurpriseAZ
April 2023William R.FlorenceAL
March 2023Bob S.Fort MyersFL
March 2023Wil S.OgdenUT
March 2023Jannetta C.MustangOK
March 2023Grant H.EnnisTX
March 2023Jennifer T.AltmarNY
February 2023Stephen J.SalisburyNC
February 2023Leslie S.SpenserOK
February 2023Phil S.BarnesvilleGA
February 2023Lars J.LakelandFL
February 2023James H.LititzPA

FAQs About www.Lowes.com/Survey

Is the Lowe’s Survey confidential?

Yes, the Lowe’s Survey generally ensures the confidentiality of participants’ responses. The survey data is usually anonymized and aggregated for analysis purposes. Personal information is typically not linked to individual survey responses unless explicitly mentioned in the survey or the privacy policy.

Can I provide additional feedback or suggestions to Lowe’s outside the survey?

Apart from the Lowe’s Survey, you can provide additional feedback or suggestions to Lowe’s through various other channels. These may include customer service helplines, email, social media platforms, or in-person discussions with store managers.

How long does it take to complete the Lowe’s Survey?

The time required to complete the Lowe’s Survey may vary, but it typically takes around 5 to 10 minutes to finish the survey. The survey length depends on the number of questions asked and the level of detail provided in the responses.

Is participation in the Lowe’s Survey voluntary?

Yes, participation in the Lowe’s Survey is entirely voluntary. Customers can choose whether or not to take part in the survey.


So, what are you waiting for? Dive into their website www.Lowes.com/Survey, and enter the contest if you are a customer and win $500. Ensure you are accurate with your receipt number and other details to maximize the chance of winning. Then, follow each step above to ensure you can load up your pockets with attractive prizes. 

So, this was our article on the complete guide to Lowe’s Survey. Have any queries? Contact the help desk at 080676 74000.

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  1. Battleground Ave. Greensboro NC store was so knowledgeable about the electrical needs I had, and wanted to share that freely, he made my time in the store very speedy. I would have completed the survey to tell you about my experience however when I entered the transaction # the survey said it had already been completed.

  2. Lowes on Turner Road is the busiest one here in Salem Oregon . The best help and customer service by far came from Brendan he went beyond for me today , Thank you because of him I will definitely come back.

  3. Great store and have had great service from customer service. I recommend Lowes to all my family and friends. It’s my go to store for just abut anything and everything.

  4. BIG THANKS to the Lowe’s branch at Fort Walton Beach today! I have been without a clothes washer for 3 weeks. Mr. Greg at appliances hooked me up!! A special thank you to the delivery team for picking up and removing my old broke washer and setting up the new one. Thank you to Spirit Delivery for set up! Apologizes I don’t know the names of the two guys who delivered it. I know one said they had 12 more deliveries to make today and that he was in training. The lead tech was very respectful and even showed me the paperwork for the washer! Thanks guys. I live on Hurlburt Field AFB so I know the hassle of getting through the commercial gate. Thank you again!

  5. the sales person that assisted me make feel like she really care about and was really concern about my needs and wants. Can you believe this was the first time I ever felt like that and of course I’ve told everybody about how nice she was. Might of fact that returned department is the best

  6. Recently I was at the Garden Center at the Lowe’s here in Mesquite near me. When I checked out I was extremely impressed by the professionalism and aboveboard customer service provided by “Erlinda”. I have shopped at this location for years and have never had the above board service as what I had recently. WoW! is putting it mildly. She’s a 10 plus!

  7. Dear Mr. Nigel Joseph,

    Re: Appliances Purchased at Lowe’s Store – 1300 W Osceola Parkway Kissimmee, Fl 34741-

    I have been shopping at Lowes Store for over twenty years and I must confess that I have never had such a better experience than recently purchasing appliances with your GUIDANCE and support.
    How can I possibly thank you enough for your constant support during my wife and I recent purchase of a glass stove top and a washing machine? We were overwhelmed by your expert guidance and how you seamlessly made our purchase at Lowe’s Store a wonderful and pleasurable experience.
    I believe you have a rare knack for making strangers feel right at home, the way you shared your expertise and knowledge about our interest in buying Lowes appliances. I was very impressed with the way you thoroughly communicated exactly how the delivery, installation, and insurance of the appliances worked.
    My sincere thanks to you Mr. Nigel and the Lowes Store Manager Ms. April who later introduced herself in support of our experience while shopping at Lowes Store one of our favorite places to shop.

    Please keep up the great work and we will see you soon while shopping at Lowes…!

    Thank you!

    Mr. Payne
    Kissimmee, FL

  8. The Lowe’s in Aiden in the Paint dePartment Anna was so helpful she knew her product. I always look for her when I come in because she seems to know what she’s doing and she help me not waste the paint. Because I had to re-do it somebody in that department help me and gave me the wrong P paint, I always love coming to her cause she always seems to know what she’s doing and also Jennifer at the service desk also was very helpful for me. She got it made for what I needed and was courteous and kind.

  9. The main reason that I took the time to do the survey was because of how helpful and kind Kaitlyn was and there was nowhere to mention this!!!! She was one of the kindest employees that we have ever dealt with in your store. Is there anyway to add this to my survey at this point?

  10. I just picked up some Black Mulch. Great sale! The only bad thing is that they SLAMMED my trunk shut which can DAMAGE the mechanism. My open and close trunk for my Durango is AUTOMATIC!

  11. Thanks for all the help finding things I needed to Tony, Kyle and Jackie. Made my trip fast, easy and productive. I’ve never had such great experiences.

  12. Would like to commend an OUTSTANDING employee, Rod Alford. Rod completely educate me and my 89 yr. old mother and led us to purchase over $1500 flooring materials from Lowe’s. He even followed up by calling me to make sure all was Ok and remembered we wanted matching baseboards to our order. Rod gave us all the service but was not working the day we purchased all of this. Andrew in flooring, who did not really help us, got the credit, while Rod did all the work. Wanted to let you at Lowe’s know what an outstanding employee Rod is. If I had a business, I would want Rod to work for me. Smart, courteous and articulate not to mention an expert in flooring. Rod really made a huge difference in our project. THANK-you

  13. I went to purchase a toilet fill valve to install myself (I am 70 years old); Searched for a rep to assist me and found Brandon, a very pleasant, professional and well informed person who helped me with this item. He advised that the first thing to do was to shut the water valve to avoid any water leaks on my floor. The items on the shelf had been opened and may have been compromised, so he reached up on the stock boxes and got me a fresh box. I am very grateful for Brandon’s good advise and it helped me to accomplish this project which I did myself. I reside in Boca Raton, Florida and I will make this my store # 1069. Thank you Brandon.

  14. Lowes receipts at self checkout do not give survey codes which I am not happy with because the associates at self check out are always so helpful and deserve to have a survey done for them.

  15. Tiffany & Stephanie assisted me with a large order and delivery. I want to thank these employees for their knowledge and assistance. Stephanie assisted in finding my item and setting up delivery promptly. Tiffany assisted me with locating all my items in the store. Some had been assigned a new location. Needless to say I would have never found them. It certainly made the shopping trip successful and much quicker,. Kudos to these ladies for their customer care & knowledge!!!

  16. Arreal (hope that’s how you spell her name) in customer service is killing it! I’ve been to this store location a million times and no one has ever been as quick and efficient as her!

    I will be coming back because of her!

  17. ID #813673 066221 358727 / Purchased : 5/15/23 /delivered 5/16/23 @5:30 PM placed in garage . Old fridge still in place ,not removed as paid for. New fridge NOT installed. We have no idea what to expect because the phone numbers we are given let the phone ring without answering. ALL of our food is spoiling. This is a great disappointment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was paid for with a 3 year warranty added and hookup parts.

  18. Hi,

    Note that I tried to take the survey to recommend Tim Sullivan, one of your sales associates at your Woburn location, but sadly I could not locate the actual survey, just a lot of information about the survey! The link to the survey is very confusing, in my opinion.

    For this reason, I left a long comment in a previous post recommending Tim Sullivan for special recognition. He is a true gem of an employee!

    Note that your web page is very confusing, and not user friendly.

    In any event, here my info:

    Frank Sanfilippo
    60 Park Street
    Stoneham, MA

    ID ON SALES RECEIPT: 751799 119881 362611

  19. It would not accept my survey until I hit do not wish to enter sweepstakes, which upsets me. I went back and answered the phone number correctly.
    I did want to enter the sweepstakes. This is the second time this has happened.

  20. We purchased a mower and blower from Lowes in Danville, Ill 61832
    The salesperson named Riley gave us excellent service!!!! 5/15/23 We have bought other things in his department and consistently is very professional, kind and caring! He the best. Please let someone know the great service he gives. Definitely an asset to Lowes. We always buy all everything we need from Danville Lowes!

  21. I I bought three containers of vegetables and not one of them lived .I went to see if I get my money returned and they said I couldn’t so I think that’s kind of unfair for customers to buy plants and then if they don’t live we’re out of luck.

  22. Very disappointed in the level of service I received at the Lowes store in Fairview Heights Illinois on Sunday Mother’s Day went in to enjoy my day by shopping for flowers and mulch like I do every year. Went to check out and told the mulch was not on sale 3 for 10 I said I saw on television he called a manager he was clueless he wasn’t sure after 10 mins of conversation on the phone he said he would come while the line was backing up. It took this manager Bobby 25 mins to come while the customers wait in line. He finally shows no apology for the wait then question me about the sale. He stated he wasn’t sure again he would have to ring the regular price. I went ahead and made purchase of $138.00 sale. I was very hurt in the wait and the level of experience and most of all no-good customer service for me and the customers waiting in line. I will never visit this store again. I have shopped her for over 30 years so disappointing way to handle business I spent my mother’s day waiting for store manager to tell he didnt and not sure WOW!!! Bobby need to ne re train to young and inexperience in my opinion he don’t know Customer Service keep store sales up and open!!!

  23. So here we are, 12 days after purchase of washer and dryer, etc, etc. Not deliverd until one week after the promised time. Never installed (washer and dryer sit in garage, while nonfunctional washer and dryer remain in laundry room, still hooked up). NO communication regarding when the paid for (in full) service will be completed. Unable to communicate with Lowe’s unless we make a 30 mile round trip for in-person conversations. Even then, no action. Inept and incompetent leadership at the Lewes, DE Lowe’s. Will never again purchase anything there despite having bought tens of thousands of dollars worth of items over the last 12 years. There management is essentially non-existent.

  24. Survey number receipt I’d is 962702 238391 333612. Store located in Cromwell Connecticut. I am having trouble assessing the survey from the receipt. On May 13, 2023 I was helped by Robert in plumbing and I wanted to let you know he was professional and knowledgeable. He knew exactly how to resolve my issue and took time out of his busy schedule to explain. I went home and completed the task with ease. Thanks lowes you really made my day!! Give Robert in plumbing a raise.

  25. As part of your “Feedback Survey Entry” requirements, you request the following:
    “Next, you must enter your Lowe’s buy-in receipt number (12-digit ID number).”
    However, I only see a 6-number REFID, and an 18-digit ID#. No 12-digit number on my receipt???

  26. I purchased a washer and Dryer from store number 1679 in Springfield Il. after my washing machine suddenly stopped working. The sales Men Jim and Dennis were very helpful in showing me what was on sale as well as other discounts that were available. Dennis was very knowledgeable about the brand I chose and found a matching dryer to go with the clearance washing machine. Being a single woman I felt very comfortable that I wasn’t getting just a ” Sales Pitch. Thank you to both of you. You deserve Donuts from your boss.

  27. I had a great experience at the Lowes in North Prov, I had two very nice ladies help me with great service. I did forget their names but going off the receipt I believe one was the store manager, Danny Teixeira. They also helped me apply and get approved for a Lowes credit card Thank you ladies

  28. I am a daily shopper at Lowes of NW Amarillo TX #2801
    Jesicca works the contractors register and is always friendly and has a Big smile everyday.
    She is very helpful whether it is locating a product or processing a return.
    Returns used to be a BIG pain because had to go to customer service or wait for a manger to come to Pro desk.
    I just wanted to say thanks for having someone that Know what customer service actually “IS”

  29. Why am I required to perform a download to enter a comment that enters me in the drawings? What is being downloaded onto my computer. I never had to download anything for any other company when I did a survey.

  30. i spent 5 minutes trolling through websites of advertising and survey information and was never able to actually get to the survey site. I was trying to help, but your company managing your website sucks!!!!

  31. I cant find how the hell to do the survey. You have so much crap on this site why can you just state take the survey here. I have been threw this several times and can seen to find out how to start.

    Make it easer and clearer to leave the dam survey

  32. on sunday 5/6 i bought a refrigerator from lawrence in appliances in leesburg fl he was exceptionally helpful and new his products and was very pleasant despite the fact that the transaction became complicated i was very impressed . he is a stand out

  33. I was at Lowe’s Store #781 and bought 18 railroad ties for my above the ground garden. Your employee, Seth, was very, very nice and helped load my SUV with the ties and he made sure he picked out the straight ones for me. He gave me a green Lowe’s ticket to do a survey.

  34. I was at Lowe’s Store #781 and bought 18 railroad ties for my above the ground garden. Your employee, Seth, was very, very nice and helped load my SUV with the ties and he made sure he picked out the staight ones for me. He gave me a green Lowe’s ticket to do a survey.

  35. I want to give a shout out to Ted MST at the store 1659 Lewis and Alexis. I want to thank him for his generosity for giving me his spring off of his personal vice groups in the store when I needed one he gave me one off of his own personal vice grips

  36. I am a military veteran and I appreciate the military discount given to those who have served. The discount, wide inventory selection, and courteous staff are some of the reasons we choose to shop at Lowe’s. My comment is actually a question: last time I was in Lowe’s my Veterans Administration ID card was sufficient identification to receive the discount on purchases. However, today, I was told my VA card is no longer accepted and only my drivers license will be accepted. I’m asking for the courtesy of an explanation for the change. The following is provided as proof of purchase for today’s business: store# 1532, Mylowes card #489001105327819, transaction# 68915999, today, 05/06/23.

  37. I wish to compliment two employees at Lowes in bashford manor in louisville ky. believe their names are Omar and Deshante who work in the garden department. these two polite young men went out of their way to assist a somewhat elderly woman. It was extremely busy on 5/4 but they made it their business to make sure I got what I needed. I had just been at another big box store and help was not available. It was so refreshing to meet such kind and polite young men.

  38. Why do you make this so difficult.I just wanted to leave a compliment for the good service I got in the paint department. The young woman that waited around me was so helpful.This was at the ford road lowe’s in canton michigan her name was Simone

  39. I would just like to recognize Mike, Peggy and Sue all recognized at the Lowe’s in Terre Haute. I had come in to pick up a couple things on my usual once a week trip to Lowe’s where I have shopped for years. It had been a rough day up to that point but after being assisted and greeted by these 3 I left there feeling good. They were all so personable and helpful I felt like I had just been visiting with good friends.

  40. Steubenville Lowe’s has an employee named JoJo, who helped me with paint. She was friendly and gave great advice when deciding what paint to get. She is an asset to Steubenville Lowe’s!!! I will always ask for JoJo when buying paint!!!

  41. I received personal service and help in the purchase of several appliances second to none. The attention and information I received is noteworthy. I would give them a 10.
    12901 N. Dale Mabry Tampa, Florida 33618

  42. I would like to let you know that I had a wonderful experience at the Lowe’s Boise ID store on Overland Rd with Zach. He went over and beyond the usual customer service experience when he helped me locate a product I need. When I did not find the product in his store, I placed phone calls to surrounding Lowe’s store searching for the item I needed with no luck. He saw me hang up a call looking disappointed and offered his assistance. He located the product I needed and made sure it would be delivered to me. Thank you, Lowe’s, for encouraging fine customer service in Zach and others every day!

  43. Been shopping at Lowe’s ever since they opened today I went in to buy a window air conditioning unit as a young man. If you would, please give me a hand the unit was kind of heavy for myself. I am 70 years old. He said he would go get a cart 10 minutes later he shows up asked me if anybody had help me. My response was no and he left again. Finally I wait another five minutes and I went and found me a cart. I struggle to get the unit on this low cart finally got it on.

  44. I was leaving a comment when I hit the wrong button accidentally. I was saying the associate that was helping me was the best I have had with Lowe’s and gave me all the help I needed and with a great smile it was in the wood Dept and her name was Lessie, she was excellent .

  45. Hello Name Nola SLappy, great service with Mr Michael Davidson Sales Person ID Number 2296533 Excellent service He took his time working with us my Husband and I very Patient we want to express our thoughts and mind that He is Great Sales Person, Thanks for helping us ,

  46. I appreciated the help associate David S gave me at the Lowe’s of Central Bradenton, FL#1843.
    Very helpful and knowledgeable.

  47. Had a great experience with the cashier named Tim. He deserves a raise in pay due to his professionalism and care for the customer.

  48. Well, not surprised that this is not what I expected.
    On 04/11/23 I went to the Palaka store to purchase product ruined in water intrusion of my floors. I was helped by your employee with the ID of:
    507481 182021 017437. He was outstanding! My embarrass is that I forgot his name (he gave me his Lowe’s card-can’t find it ☺️) I purchased a vanity, new faucet & a side pieces needed for vanity at the cost of $885.94. You did not have the 48” that I needed. He found it at a sister store & had it transferred to you facility for me at my request. My contractor was picking it up. Your employee spent a very long time helping me with a continued wonderful attitude, a sense of humor & vert respectful as well. He should be commended as I was walking away to shop somewhere else. I was told by employee at the door that another associate would meet me at the area. This employee was obvious one of the higher up – he neglected to check if the person who was meeting me was there. She was not. She had gone to lunch. Thanks to the employee I am praising, I did not walk out of the store & go elsewhere. He was well trained.

  49. Wanted to give a high 10 rating score to Mike at the Twin Falls Idaho appliance dept. He went above the normal customer service and gave excellent personal help and answered all my questions. Was VERY helpful and informative! Thanks again would highly recommend him.

  50. I purchased washer and dryer plus protection plan and delivery and installation. Receipt is so long the ID number was cut off and store could not give it to me. I think they said it was lost in the system. Now I can’t do my survey after spending $1816.35. Rats!


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