Lowe’s Senior Discount

Lowe’s is one of the most popular home improvement retail companies in the United States and with good reason. As emphasized in its mission statement, it focuses on ensuring its customers receive excellent services and value. 

Lowe’s offers plenty of ways for customers to cut costs and carry out construction and remodeling projects without breaking the bank. These include storewide promotions, rebates, and coupon codes.

Does Lowe’s Offer a Discount to Senior Citizens?

Unfortunately, there are no Lowe’s senior discounts. However, there are many other ways to save at Lowe’s, particularly for senior citizens. The most popular home improvement retail store offers great deals, including regular discounts and weekly offers, which will benefit older people.

Other Ways to Save at Lowe’s 

Below is a list of ways senior citizens can get top deals on many items at Lowe’s, irrespective of who they are.

Military Discount

Lowe’s offers 10% off purchases daily for military veterans, active-duty members, and their spouses without exceptions. Therefore, use Lowe’s military discount if you are an active military serviceperson or veteran to get a 10% discount on your purchase.

This discount applies to the US Army, Air Force, Navy, US Marine Corps, US Coast Guard, National Guard, USPHS, and NOAA members.

Lowes Military Discount

To benefit from this discount, members must create a free MyLowe account and submit a form with a working military ID to register. Your credentials are verified online using a third-party system. You wouldn’t qualify for the discount if you were disreputably dismissed from the military.

MyLowe’s Shipping Discount

Another excellent way to save cash at Lowe’s is to sign up for a free account. Then, customers can get standard delivery for free orders that meet the requirements and cost more than $45.

After logging into MyLowe’s account, you can shop online for free package shipping. In addition, MyLowe’s customers will access weekly specials and exclusive store discounts.

Clearance and Shop Specials

In many Lowe’s stores, you will come across clearance and markdown areas, often for products like cut lumber and flooring that may have been returned after being cut to a specific size.

Discounts for these items are listed with a description. If the item is damaged, the discount will be more significant. If the damage doesn’t concern you, this is an excellent technique to save money.

Shopping the specials or clearance at your store for a couple of weeks may produce spectacular results if you are open to various materials or styles for a specific DIY project.

Lowe’s Rebate Center 

Manufacturers offer discounts in terms of rebates, and it will be possible for customers to get these savings online using Lowe’s rebate center. You can get rebates between 5% and 10%; on larger purchases, the sum may go up to $1000. More info on the rebate is available on their official website.

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Lowe’s attracts customers and makes them regular clients. Over the years, the store has consistently offered the best products at the best rates with discounts. If you intend to purchase supplies in bulk, take advantage of Lowe’s volume and bulk discount to save some cash off your total purchase.

That said, Lowe’s doesn’t offer student or senior discounts.

5 thoughts on “Lowe’s Senior Discount”

  1. I visited Lowes, Short Pump, VA yesterday.
    It seemed like Suzy was the only salesperson in the entire store!
    She was, however, wonderful and Mr. Lowes should be appreciative of her pleasant manner and helpful service!

  2. I wanted a discount for my purchase. I served in the ARMY 3 years with honorable discharge. They refused me. WHY!!! 80 years old, on disability also. Please help Me. Add discount to my credit card.

  3. Most staff in Warren pa store are polite helpful. TJ (?) service desk near ailse 18 rude rude rude. I said, Excuse me where are nails He didn’t look me in the eye just snarled you’ll have to wait until I finish w this customer. Easier for him to say aisle x. He must not like women. My neighbors (women) say he’s rude to hem too. George (i think that’s his name) has dark hair shaved on side 6 ‘ tall or so, thin. is a lunatic. At service desk near asile 18. Acts like he’s on serious medication or is a coke freak. I asked for lite bulbs. I say thanks. He starts blabbing non stop about himself, his elopement, girlfriend’s job, bad family life growing up, bla bla. Whoever hired him whoever put him in customer desk must be nuts. George fooled that person he does’t fool customers. I hear the store mgr is a good guy. George the nut ball make him look nutty too. Tell the manager to get on the ball and hire normal people.

  4. I have a Lowes credit card. Can I also get a senior discount when using my Lowes credit card?
    Today I bought $81.11 worth of distressed flowers. I hate to see flowers thrown out because of a lack of water or fertilizer so I make an effort to buy distressed flower, trees and shrubs. I usually spend $500 to $1000 a season buying these flowers and plants.
    The black marker through the price means 50% off. I bought 12 distressed plants original price @2.18. I had to pay $2 for these plants because the manager refused to give them to me for $1.09. The manager should be more concern about customers concerns and have the authority to help a customer by giving me the $1.09 price.
    I understand there is a store policy , but when that policy is unfair to the customer refusing a logical, common sence approach to helping customers is more important than store policy. I’m very offended that the manager could not see my side of the issue.

  5. While in San Antonio TX shopping at store # 1088 at around 9:30 AM I walked up to the checkout area no customer’s were present 1 male employee was standing at counter by the self checkout counters. I asked him who could check me out he pointed to the self check registers. I replied I was not a Lowes employee and I wanted someone to check me out. His response was that’s your only option. I requested a manager, he made a phone call then informed me manager was busy. He then became verbally confrontational with me I stood my ground. I informed him I was a paying customer he was a Lowes employee as such providing customer service would be a part of his employee responsibilities. I female employee who was in a nearby office walked over to a register and offered to check me out. the male employee never left his original location and once other customers walked up he began to assist them in checking out. The level of customer service at Lowes has deteriorated to the point I shop at Lowes only as a last resort. Yes I do travel a good part of the state of TX and this problem does appear at almost every store I visit.


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